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Turf Installation & Care


One aspect I especially look forward to in business is the freedom to be creative and the product I enjoy providing most is turf because it is uncomplicated, and the benefits can be seen within a few hours. Customers can have a good looking product quickly which enhances their landscape for a relatively inexpensive outlay. Buffalo, cooch and kikuyu are the most common turf types used in the Sydney area; each has its own advantages and characteristics. We will discuss these with you after surveying your property and make suitable recommendations. Often lawns are compromised and need restoration.

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The biggest causes of poor lawns are compaction, poor drainage, weed infestation, excessive or little nutrients and the use of unsuitable turf. We assess your lawn and make recommendations based on your budget and expectations. Often the poor preparation of turf can leave you with a weed problem or with an uneven surface, this can be corrected with topdressing, however we suggest doing it correctly to begin with. If nutrients and water can not penetrate because of compaction or poor drainage this can be corrected in a number of ways. Complete restoration can include: Aeration – Coring – FertilisingWeed Control – Topdressing – Dethatching and Returfing

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